What Is A Soul Mate

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What Is A Soul Mate


Why do I feel something that I cannot explain when I’m with him? How is he connected to my life? Is he the one that I have been waiting for? Are these unexplainable feelings the signs?

Most people wonder if soul mates are real. “What is a soul mate and how will I know my soul mate?” these questions might keep going through your mind when you begin to explore the world of true love. A soul mate is considered as someone that you have loved in your past life. Finding your soul mate is thought to complete the missing part of your life.

There are believers of the idea of soulmate signs and non-believers as well. In most cases though, both may still fail to provide a specific answer on the question of “what is a soul mate”. The following hints will give you a good idea regarding your question of “what is a soul mate?”


1. Strong feeling of connection – To answer your “what is a soul mate?” question, a soul mate is someone with whom you feel a deep connection. When you feel the sense of completeness when you are with him and you can understand each other well, then he can possibly be your soul mate.


2. Freely express yourself without fear of rejection – When you find yourself sharing even your darkest secrets and not worrying of being judged then this answers your “what is a soul mate” question. A soul mate gives you the assurance and comfort that no one can. He lets you share the real you and yet does not make you feel as if it’s something to be embarrassed about.


3. Deja vu feeling – Have you ever experienced like you are being taken back to the past when you are with him? Have you had flash backs that you are with him somewhere in your past? When you get the strong feeling that he has been a part of your life before, it can be possible that he is indeed that special someone in your past life.

what is a soulmate


4. Barriers are bridged – When you are together, you are able to let go of holding back your true feelings and thoughts. You wholeheartedly allow him to enter your world and see the real side of yourself that you hide from everyone around you. You learn to set yourself free from the walls that hinder you from reaching out and being approached by everyone. These experiences will give a good definition in addressing your question of “what is a soul mate?”


5. Deep love and affection – “What is a soul mate?”, you may ask yourself. A soulmate is someone with whom you learn to give an unconditional love. You accept his weaknesses and give your whole heart regardless of who he is. Fights and misunderstandings do not make you change your feeling toward him. You learn to clearly understand the essence of loving someone without expectations. This is one of the significant signs of soulmate.


6. Time does not exist – When you spend moments with him doing activities or even just having simple conversations, everything stops. You feel like you can go on forever and yet you still don’t get enough of each other. You can be together almost the whole day but feel like it’s still not enough. The word boredom is out of the picture.


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